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Title: Radware, Inc. DefensePro 3000 Throughput Benchmark and Attack Mitigation Evaluation

Publication date:   31 May 2005
Document number:    205112


Radware, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its DefensePro 3000, an intrusion prevention switch with Denial of Service (DoS) protection that combines bandwidth management for attack isolation and traffic shaping to offer enterprise and carrier networks protection against a diverse range of network- and application-level attacks.

Tests show that the DefensePro 3000 is adept at identifying and blocking attacks with zero instances of false positives while simultaneously handling multi-Gigabit traffic loads. From a performance standpoint, the DefensePro 3000 was able to handle 2.5 Gbps of “real-world” throughput while simultaneously handling either a 40,000-packet per second (pps) worm attack, a 200-Mbps SYN Flood attack or a 100-Mbps DoS attack. Tests also show the DefensePro 3000 is capable of protecting Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) data and can isolate attacks to protect mass mailings and control P2P traffic.

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