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Title: VeriWave WaveTest WLAN Performance Analysis System, VoWLAN Test using VeriWave VoIP over WLAN Analysis Test Suite

Publication date:   29 August 2005
Document number:    205130


VeriWave commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its flagship WaveTest WLAN Performance Analysis System focusing on VoIP performance testing. VeriWave delivers test solutions for WLAN chipsets, WLAN access points, embedded and external WLAN clients and WLAN networks. VeriWave provides WaveSuites, designed to perform complex tests addressing real-world WLAN applications such as AP conformance/performance measurement, client conformance/performance measurement, chipset conformance and VoIP over WLAN performance measurement. For this round of tests, The Tolly Group limited the scope of the testing to VeriWave’s VoIP performance testing, implemented by the WaveSuite: VoIP over WLAN Analysis Test Suite.

Tolly Group engineers examined the VoIP over WLAN testing capability of the VeriWave WLAN Test Analysis System to measure loss, delay and jitter. These are used to derive the R-value, an ITU specification (G.107) for determining call quality. Also, engineers assessed the impact of QoS on the voice over the WLAN test bed with various levels of background traffic.

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