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Title: A10 Networks, Inc. AX 2100 Ver. 1.2 Competitive Performance Evaluation versus F5 Networks BIG-IP 3400 ver. 9.2.5

Publication date:   23 January 2008
Document number:    208265


A10 Networks, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the price/performance advantages of the AX 2100 Advanced Traffic Manager, a next-generation server load balancer that serves up Enterprise-class performance in a cost-effective fashion.

A10 Networks asked The Tolly Group to use the same test cases as an F5 Networks publicly available performance report and evaluate the AX 2100 alongside F5 Networks’ BIG-IP 3400.

Tolly Group engineers determined the connection-per-second (cps) rate at Layer 4, the SSL transaction-per-second (tps) rate at Layer 7 and aggregate throughput of the AX 2100 and the F5 BIG-IP 3400. Engineers used the performance results to calculate price/performance metrics. Testing was conducted in December 2007.

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