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Title: ZTE ZXR10 5250 Series All Gigabit Intelligent Switches Performance Evaluation and Feature Validation

Publication date:   22 October 2013
Document number:    213148


Ethernet switches provide network access connectivity in IP metro and enterprise networks. Switches should provide high performance and high functionality but should also be easy to use.

ZTE Corporation commissioned Tolly to evaluate the ZTE ZXR10 5250 series L2 switches that provide all GbE access interfaces.The 5250 series switches are equipped with full VLAN, multicast, QoS and security features to provide high-quality access service. Some members of the 5250 series are able to provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability.

Tolly benchmarked the performance of the ZXR10 5250-52TC switch and validated the functionality common to the series including interoperability with the Cisco 7604 Router. Tests show that 5250 also provides many easy-to-maintain features to simplify deployment and operation. Performance tests showed that the ZXR10 5250-52TC delivers line rate throughput across all of its 48 copper Gigabit Ethernet ports and 4 fibre Gigabit Ethernet ports.

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