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Title: Meru Networks WLAN Performance vs. Aruba Networks & Cisco Systems - 802.11ac WLAN Systems: Meru Networks AP832i vs. Aruba Networks AP-225 and Cisco Systems Aironet 3702i

Publication date:   12 June 2014
Document number:    214124


Wireless LAN (WLAN) solutions built on the recent 802.11ac standard provide unprecedented performance for business networks, with WLAN solutions now rivaling the Gigabit speeds of wired LANs.

Meru Networks commissioned Tolly to evaluate the performance of its high- speed, 802.11ac AP832i access point (AP) and compare that to the Aruba Networks AP-225 and Cisco Systems Aironet 3702i WLAN solutions. Tests included multiple-AP and single AP tests handling data, VoIP and video traffic.

The Meru Networks AP832i consistently outperformed the other 802.11ac WLAN solutions across a range of tests using both 40MHz and 80MHz channel bonding.

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