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Title: Huawei IP Hard Pipe Solution Performance Evaluation

Publication date:   08 June 2016
Document number:    216131


Telecom carriers’networks have almost finished the evolution to all-IP. Nowadays, enterprises follow that path and are switching from SDH leased lines to IP leased lines. However, end-users have doubts about IP leased line technology, such as, does it comply with the service requirement on network latency? Does it provide reliable service and is it easy to maintain? To find the answers, Tolly evaluated the Huawei IP Hard Pipe solution with the Huawei NE and ATN series routers.

Huawei NE and ATN series routers reserve dedicated hardware resources on the chips to guarantee IP hard pipes’ independence and reliability. The Huawei IP hard pipe technology provides SDH-like channels, ensuring that the service will not be affected in case of any network congestion. It also uses the MPLS-TP OAM technology to achieve fast fail-over and carrier-grade high availability

Tolly engineers evaluated the performance of the Teleprotection service in the power industry, the GSM-R service in the transportation industry and the TDM leased line service for Telecom carriers over IP hard pipes. The IP hard pipe solution provided a reliable and stable bearer network for high-value services, delivered unconditional protection, guaranteed low latency and jitter and no loss even in heavily congested network, and complied with the strict requirements of communications by industry standards.

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