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Title: Ruijie Satellite AP Solution Performance Evaluation vs. New H3C Group

Publication date:   20 December 2016
Document number:    216154


The advent of high-availability wireless has led to an increase in personal devices such as smartphones, tablets and of course, the portable computer, which all allow users to connect from anywhere within the office. In larger offices, however, the wireless throughput will decrease as users move further away from the access point (AP). So-called “Satellite” AP solutions provide an economical way of extending the reach of a master AP.

Ruijie Networks Co., Ltd. commissioned Tolly to evaluate their RG-AP520-I(SR) Satellite AP solution and the RG-AP720-I 802.11ac Wave 2 master AP. The RGAP520- I(SR) Satellite AP Solution includes one Ruijie RG-AP520-I(G2) master AP and one RG-MAP552(SR) satellite AP. The two APs act as one AP in terms of management and support 4 radios (two 2.4GHz and two 5GHz). Performance was compared to a single-AP solution from H3C. The Ruijie Satellite AP solution outperformed the H3C solution in throughput, coverage and video delivery tests.

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