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Title: Symantec Cloud-Delivered Integrated Web Security Service Solution Key Feature Comparison Versus A Competitive Cloud Security Solution

Publication date:   01 May 2019
Document number:    219105


Providing enterprise-class security is a multi-faceted challenge. In addition to detecting malicious websites, security solutions need to provide advanced capabilities against web delivered malicious content and phishing attacks, integrate with endpoints, use the latest in secure session technology and more. In particular, integration with cloud-based environments is now essential as they become a standard part of business environments.

Symantec Corp. commissioned Tolly to evaluate the Symantec Cloud-Delivered Web Security Service along with its CloudSOC CASB solution and compare some key features to a leading competing cloud-based security solution. Feature areas include web security interaction with cloud-based applications, advanced phishing protection features, SSL session security and integration with endpoint solutions.

The test showed that the Symantec Cloud-Delivered Web Security Service (WSS) provided significant benefits when integrating with its CloudSOC CASB solution, providing advanced technology to protect against zero-day malware, phishing attacks and integration with endpoint security solutions.

Symantec CloudSOC can identify and control over 30,000 applications, providing greater visibility into the different shadow IT applications in the corporate environment. The competing solution only supports ~250 applications with limited controls, which also limits shadow IT visibility.

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