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Title: Awake Security Platform Evaluating the Evolution of Network Traffic Analysis: Awake Security Platform vs. Darktrace Enterprise Immune System

Publication date:   27 August 2019
Document number:    219139


Threats to enterprise network security have evolved in complexity and sophistication. Protecting your network by catching virus fingerprints is a thing of the past. Today, threats are multi-faceted and often try to camouflage themselves within normal traffic flows. Network detection and response (NDR) solutions focus on ferreting out such attacks.

Awake Security, Inc. commissioned Tolly to evaluate the Awake Security Platform and compare it to the Darktrace Enterprise Immune System. Awake provided test scenarios that its customers have identified as relevant. Testing was performed in a live, high-tech company’s production environment and was comprised of five different scenarios that exercised different methods of data theft, exfiltration and credential theft that ran over common protocols and programs such as browsers, DNS and SMB file protocols.

Tests showed that the Awake Security solution detected significantly more threats across the full suite of malicious behavior detection tests.

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