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Tolly Analyst Report Abstract

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Title: WLAN Benchmarking Best Practices for Performance

Publication date:   05 April 2018
Document number:    218502


Mobile and business users expect and demand WLAN connectivity that is both highperformance and reliable. The best way to assure good performance is to benchmark your WLAN infrastructure before deployment. Only then will you be able to have full confidence in your WLAN solution.

WLAN technology is standards-based and, thankfully, interoperability is rarely seen as an issue. It is expected that every WLAN environment will include access points (APs) and client hardware and software from a variety of vendors. Generally, deployments will see a mix of different generations of WLAN client hardware with different capabilities. .

In these pages, Tolly will outline how WLAN solutions can be evaluated empirically before deployment so that the most appropriate solution can be selected and unpleasant, post-deployment “surprises” can be avoided.

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