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Tolly Analyst Report Abstract

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Title: SD-WAN Best Practices for Security

Publication date:   13 November 2019
Document number:    219501


Perhaps more than in any other part of your network, your SD-WAN strategy needs to be equal measures networking and security. By definition, the SD-WAN interfaces with and runs across external, often public, networks - the source of many threats. Additionally, the site networks, whose traffic flows across your SD-WAN, are likely to be multifaceted. Each site will likely handle critical business applications, provide access to cloud services, handle common web browsing and often handle Internet traffic generated by visitors and guests. Each of these traffic flows has different security needs. And, to these elements we add the need to secure the SD-WAN infrastructure itself.

In this report, Tolly provides a concise summary of important security considerations and options for SD-WAN deployments based on Tolly’s experience and input from leading vendors and test tool companies.

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