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Title: InfoVista’s Ipanema Application Aware SD-WAN Application Control & Dynamic WAN Selection

Publication date:   17 July 2017
Document number:    217118


Your wide area network (WAN) is like a highway with many equal lanes connecting your users to business applications. An application aware network, however, is like a highway that doesn't use lanes to control applications. It allows individual cars to run at different speeds based on car type, without creating congestion. Additionally, cars are allowed to enter and exit the highway as needed based on performance needs and can be directed automatically to alternate roads to further avoid congestion. Without this level of application control your business-critical applications are not going to deliver the user experience required.

Infovista commissioned Tolly to evaluate the intelligent application performance control capabilities of its Ipanema SD-WAN solution. Ipanema is designed to manage application flows dynamically across multiple WAN connections to deliver a business objective-driven user experience using various application aware Quality of Service (QoS), end-to-end prioritization, and path selection techniques. Specifically, Tolly tested two important features: Application Control and Dynamic WAN Selection.

The Ipanema solution demonstrated sophisticated, dynamic management of applications running across the WAN environment that it managed and effectively delivered the desired user experience per application session.

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