Tolly Client Testimonials

The Tolly Group has provided services for hundreds of technology vendors from around the world over more than two decades.

Qwilt We chose Tolly because we wanted a lab with the experience and credibility necessary to validate our claims. We know our product delivers as promised, and we wanted to give our prospective clients peace of mind. Thanks to Tolly, our clients are able to see how our product performs based on real-world tests. Dan Sahar, VP Marketing, Co-founder
Infoblox We are very pleased with our experience with the Tolly Group. They have a knowledgeable team who were very responsive and communicative. They helped us accurately quantify the business value of our technology which is very important to us Arya Barirani, VP Product Marketing
Mellanox Technologies Tolly Group performance testing serves as an essential tool for validating our high-performance interconnect solutions with prospects and customers. The reports also provide a strong foundation for generating qualified leads through online marketing activities Amit Katz, Director, Product Management
Dialogic As a recognized and trusted brand in 3rd party technology performance testing, the ‘Tolly Certified’ report and logo adds significant value to our product and marketing efforts, and displays confidence in our product performance vs. market alternatives Bud Walder, Product Marketing Director
ForeScout Engaging Tolly was a strategic decision to assist potential buyers in shortening their evaluation process by taking the most common evaluation criteria and issues encountered by buyers of NAC solutions and engaging a credible third-party to run through the scenarios for them. In choosing Tolly, we knew that we would get a comprehensive and well-written evaluation, one that IT professionals could really use to cut through vendor-hype and compare the leading solutions side-by-side. Scott Gordon, VP Worldwide Marketing
Akamai Performance testing by The Tolly Group serves as an essential tool for validating our managed application delivery services with prospects and customers. The reports also provide a strong foundation for generating qualified leads through online marketing activities. Andy Rubinson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Application Acceleration
Netgear With the release of our new product line, we felt that it was important to provide independent validation of our products' capabilities. We chose Tolly based on their credibiity and their extensive experience in the industry. Jason Leung, Senior Product Line Manager
Fortune 100 Global Technology Provider Our sales teams demand Tolly reports. They provide instant credibility and are written in a way that is easily understood by prospects. Global Collateral Manager
Network Instruments For us, engaging Tolly was a strategic move. Tolly's credibility in the industry was an integral part of getting our marketing claims validated in the eyes of prospects. Brad Reinboldt, Senior Product Manager
Wedge Networks When Wedge Networks needed credible independent validation that its Web 2.0 security product line provided high performance with uncompromised malware detection, we turned to Tolly. We have been impressed with the deep domain knowledge, professionalism and diligence of the Tolly team. Dr. Hongwen Zhang, CEO and Co-Founder
Torres Networks Torres Networks wanted to validate our ISFM appliance in a 3rd party test bed. Among many independent test vendors, Tolly was chosen for their technical competence, robust test bed, process oriented approach. We were impressed by their responsiveness and flexibility. We look forward to working with them again! A. Sivaramakrishnan, Product Analyst