Tolly Certified: Sample Vendor Usage Gallery

IT solution vendors leverage their "Tolly Certified" status on their websites, trade show booths, blogs, newsletters and product packaging.

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Examples of Leveraging Tolly Reports on the Web

Leverage your Tolly report on your website to: garner more click-through traffic, generate leads via registration to download, become the focus of a webcast or illustrate to prospective customers that your claims are proven. Feature the Tolly report in industry newsletter sponsorships to drive traffic.

Meru - Website Report Promo Example Qwilt - Website Report Promo Example Qwilt - Testing Press Coverage Example Dialogic - Website Report Promo Example IxiaAnue - Tolly Webcast Example Edgewater - Website Report Promo Example Bit9 - Website Report Promo Example Bit9 - Industry Publication Coverage Example Quantum - Webcast Report Promotion Example Quantum - Press Release Promotion Example Quantum - Company Blog Promotion Example Allot - Company Web Promotion Example Dell Force 10 - Web Page Example Anue - Web Page Example HP - Web Page - Logo Use Example Infoblox - Web Page - Logo Use Example NETGEAR - Web Page - Logo Use Example Avaya - Web Page - Logo Use Example Belkin - Web Page - Tolly Quote AVG - Web Page - Blog Use Example Sophos - Web Page -  Example Belkin - Web Press Release -  Example Belkin - Web Summary -  Example Echelon - Press Release Summary -  Example Echelon - Lead Generation -  Example HP - Report Promotion -  Example Meraki - Report Promotion -  Example Gigamon - Report Promotion -  Example
Trade Show Examples

Leverage your Tolly report at trade shows using Tolly placards, report posters, award crystals and certificates. The Tolly logo will draw traffic to your booth and the report will provide discussion topics for your team. Cycle a presentation about your Tolly testing on a monitor at your booth. Visitors can swipe their show pass to receive the Tolly report via email.

Symantec - VMworld Trade Show Example Avaya - Trade Show Example Force10 - Trade Show Example Nortel - Trade Show Example Coyote Point - Trade Show Example Coyote Point - Trade Show Presentation Example IntruGuard - Trade Show  Example Mistletoe - Trade Show  Example
Translation/Localization Examples

Leverage your Tolly report globally by working with us to create localized versions - using our translation service or yours.

Trend Micro - Russian Localization   Example Dell Force10  - Korean Localization   Example Cisco Systems German (Deutsch) Localization Example VMware Spanish Localization Example Symantec Simplified Chinese Localization Example Radware Japanese Localization Example