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Tolly Services

Tolly Certified Product Testing
Analyst and End-User

Tolly Certified Product Testing

Tolly has expertise, not only in one or two areas, but virtually every area of Information Technology. Cloud Services, Endpoint Security, Backup and Recovery, Storage, Anti-Virus, Mail Security, Networking, Wireless, VoIP and Virtualization are among the areas in which Tolly works regularly. No scope is too big or small; Tolly clients range from consumer and SMB vendors thru enterprise-focused vendors right on up to carrier-class vendors.

Custom Testing and Comparative Benchmarks

Validation services tailored to what you want to highlight. Unlike other testing/ research houses, our evaluations are built on data gathered hands-on in a lab. Tolly evaluations can be either single product or competitive; evaluating a single product or offering, or multiple offerings spread across several competitors, pitted head-to-head.

Tolly engineers and analysts work with you to develop a test plan specific to your needs, then carry out the evaluation either in our test lab facility in Boca Raton, FL, a customer site, an existing lab at your facility, or any combination thereof. Testing can take place remotely to leverage existing test environments. In such cases, Tolly observes and documents testing using various collaboration technologies.

Tolly can certify specific features and functions, performance, ease-of-use, scalability, resiliency, interoperability, power consumption, TCO and ROI, just to name a few. Findings of these evaluations can be kept confidential, for your internal research needs, or published publicly in a Tolly-branded marketing report.

Industry Studies

Only Tolly has the expertise and reputation for independence needed to mount an industry-wide benchmark of an entire technology or class of products. These multi-vendor, multi-product tests are sponsored by an ad-hoc consortium of vendors, which helps develop impartial methodologies. Participants include the market leaders and the most promising startups. Test findings go far beyond mere winners and losers; instead, a definitive assessment is produced- one that delivers critical information and insights, and advances the state of the art.

Quality Assurance or ALPHA/BETA Testing

First releases are like first impressions. Testing before a product goes to market is a critical check to ensure products perform as designed and meet functional specifications- before they ship. But as development cycles and internal lab budgets are tightened, quality assurance often suffers, with potentially embarrassing results. Accurate QA and/or ALPHA/BETA evaluations can be performed in short order, capitalizing on our vast experience with key technologies. Product quality is improved, without slowing time to market. Though all results are automatically confidential and belong to you, results of these evaluations can be publicly leveraged, if desired, to bring your product to market with marketing claims supported by verifiable data. To learn more, see Custom Testing and Comparative Benchmarks.

For more information on Tolly's lab validation services please contact us at sales@tolly.com.

Analyst Services

Tolly's close-up involvement with technology gives us a detailed, unique and hands-on perspective that we bring to our analyst services.

Benchmarking Best Practices

Tolly's Benchmarking Best Practices series helps IT evaluators better understand how to design and execute their product benchmarks. In turn, this help provide more useful information to make informed product selections for your IT environment.

End-User & Consulting Services

Tolly's unique visibility into the industry and extensive knowledge of technology products, services and offerings, makes Tolly an excellent choice for technology vendors to answer the questions which arise when planning product design, quality assurance and Alpha/Beta Testing. End-user organizations turn to Tolly to better understand how products and services will perform or if new equipment or software will interoperate with existing infrastructure on the corporate network- before unproven solutions are deployed. Our highly experienced test engineers and lab facilities make it easy to assess a range of products and services without risk. To learn more, see below or contact: sales@tolly.com.