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SonicWall SonicWall NSa 2700 Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) Strategic Analysis vs. Fortinet FortiGate 100F NGFW

Document number: 221102
Release Date: 04 Mar 2021

The term firewall has been part of the IT lexicon for over two decades. Today’s threats are radically more sophisticated than in the past and today’s next- generation firewalls have came a long way compared to the original invention - and all NGFWs are not the same. It is important to focus on the security features and performance needs that are most important for your environment. SonicWall has designed its NSa 2700 to excel in protection while maintaining an industry- leading price-performance ratio.

SonicWall commissioned Tolly to review the published specifications of its NSa 2700 and compare it to Fortinet’s FortiGate 100F. Analysis was mainly focused on evaluating key total cost of ownership (TCO) metrics of the comparable solutions.

The Tolly analysis shows that the SonicWall has a dramatically lower 3-year TCO for HA deployments compared to Fortinet while providing comparable or better security feature set and performance characteristics. The TCO is enhanced by SonicWall’s High Availability (HA) licensing policy allowing a single firewall license to be used for both the primary and backup (HA) appliance.
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NETGEAR, Inc. ProSecureTM UTM25 and UTM50 UTM Firewall Appliances for Defense against Web 2.0/ Social Media Threats: Malware Detection Evaluation against Competing Products

Document number: 210153
Release Date: 21 Oct 2010

NETGEAR commissioned Tolly and to evaluate its Prosecure UTM25 and ProSecure UTM50 UTM firewall appliances as well as comparable solutions from Cisco, Fortinet, SonicWALL and WatchGuard.

Tests focused on detection rates for zoo malware as well as threats found on the Extended WildList across HTTP, POP3 and SMTP protocols.
Unified Threat Management
NETGEAR, Inc. ProSecure™ UTM10 Unified Threat Management Appliance: Malware Detection Evaluation Versus Fortinet, Inc., SonicWALL, Inc., and WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

Document number: 209131
Release Date: 26 Oct 2009

NETGEAR commissioned Tolly to conduct a malware detection accuracy evaluation of the ProSecure UTM10, Fortinet FortiGate-60B, SonicWALL TZ 100, SonicWALL TZ 210 and WatchGuard Firebox Edge X55e UTM appliances.

Tests focused on the malware detection capabilities of the above mentioned UTM appliances using their default security policies, over the Web traffic and email vectors using HTTP, POP3 and SMTP protocols. Test malware samples consisted of The WildList Organization International’s latest WildList (a list of viruses and worms found propagating on the Internet) along with other major Win32 malware.

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