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Title: IBM Corporation 2216 Nways Multiaccess Connector and Network Utility TN3270E Server TN3270 Channel-Attached Gateway Performance Competitive Evaluation

Publication date:   01 May 1999
Document number:    199115


IBM Corp. commissioned The Tolly Group to test its Network Utility TN3270E Server, versus the TN3270E server function of the Cisco Systems, Inc. 7507/4 equipped with a Channel Interface Processor 2 (CIP2) and Route Switch Processor 4 (RSP4). The test suite was comprised of three different transaction profiles corresponding to interactive transactions that moved varying amounts of data between the client and the mainframe. Tests measured response time and transaction rates when supporting sessions with thousands of simultaneous users. All tests used Fast Ethernet on the "downstream" LAN side and were conducted using LSA and MPC+ from IBM, and CSNA and CMPC from Cisco, on the "upstream" mainframe side of the connection.

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