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Title: IBM Corp. 8265 Nways ATM Switch and 8371 Multilayer Ethernet Switch MPOA Performance Benchmark and Functionality Verification

Publication date:   01 August 1999
Document number:    199126


IBM Corp. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its 8265 Nways ATM Switch and 8371 Multilayer Ethernet Switch. In an extensive suite of tests, IBM’s 8265 ATM switch provided LANE and MPOA backbone services to Fast Ethernet switch ports residing both in standalone IBM 8371 switches, as well as in IBM 8371 switch blades for the 8265. The testing involved Layer 2 and Layer 3 IP throughput, as well as functionality tests of Layer 3 MPOA in mixed environments. The IBM 8265, with 8371 modules, showed that it can deliver high-performance Ethernet/ATM throughput in LANE tests. And when the IBM 8371 is positioned as an edge switch, it enables the MPOA "virtual router" network with 100% wire-speed Layer 3 IP routing throughput at 512- and 1,516-byte frames. In addition, IBM's MPOA solution offered the broadest support tested to date for integrating token ring and Fast Ethernet, MPOA and legacy LANE, and routing of both IP and IPX.

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