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Title: Total Cost of Application Ownership (A White Paper sponsored by Citrix Systems)

Publication date:   15 January 1999
Document number:    199503


Citrix Systems, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to produce a Total Cost of Application Ownership (TCA) white paper which presents an in-depth and logical look into analyzing the costs of providing networked applications to users in today’s complex, Internet-driven computing environments. More focused on an application-specific view than simply PC hardware costs, this white paper considers the type of network computing architecture employed, the location of users, the variety of connectivity options and the different types of client devices. This white paper explores the true cost of providing applications for three computing models including: traditional desktop, client/server and Citrix® Independent Computing Architecture (ICA®).

Provided is an analysis of each of the three TCA elements along with examples. The Tolly Group determines that a server-based approach to computing, such as Citrix’s ICA offers distinct direct and indirect cost advantages. To accompany this white paper, The Tolly Group has created a TCA calculator and a TCA Users Guide.

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