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Title: Western Multiplex Corp. Tsunami 100, 45, and 10 Wireless /Ethernet Bridges Layer 2 and Application Performance Evaluation

Publication date:   01 May 2001
Document number:    201106


Western Multiplex Corp. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate three of its Tsunami Wireless Ethernet Bridge pairs: the Tsunami 100, 100 Mbit/s wireless Ethernet, the Tsunami 45, 45 Mbit/s wireless Ethernet, and the Tsunami 10, 10 Mbit/s wireless Ethernet. Each device was either tested for Layer 2 or application throughput using a variety of frame sizes and signal attenuation levels. The majority of tests were conducted at the receiver threshold, which is defined as the greatest distance between two bridges where the link is maintained. Any further attenuation would extend the receiver beyond the threshold and would result in the link being terminated. Thus, the receiver threshold is the “worst case” scenario.

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