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Title: 2Wire HomePortal 100W Wireless Residential Gateway versus The Linksys Group, Inc. BEFSR41 - EtherFast 4-Port Cable/DSL Router and SonicWALL SOHO/10 Firewall Competitive Evaluation

Publication date:   01 July 2001
Document number:    201110


2Wire, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the firewall security of the 2Wire HomePortal 100W and to compare the results with those of The Linksys Group, Inc. BEFSR41 and a SonicWALL SOHO/10. The Tolly Group evaluated the capability of each device to detect and to protect user home networks from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Moreover, testing was designed to reveal the security differences between application-lay gateway (ALG) and demilitarized zone (DMZ) mode for hosting applications on the home network.

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