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Title: Inkra Networks Corp. Inkra 4000 Virtual Service Switch HardWall Technology Evaluation

Publication date:   02 August 2002
Document number:    202145


Inkra Networks Corp. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the HardWall feature of its Inkra 4000 Virtual Service Switch, a carrier-class, multi-service device. The Inkra 4000 is designed to deliver multiple virtualized IP services simultaneously, including firewall, server load balancing, SSL acceleration and VPN services for multiple, dedicated clients. HardWall is Inkra's patent-pending hardware-enforces resource management technology (implemented in an ASIC-based Virtual Rack Processor) that isolates each virtual rack on the system from the others to guarantee the performance levels of individual virtual racks. Tests included validation of the system's capability to sustain functionality despite individual rack failure, demonstration of the switch's capability to control virtual rack bandwidth, virtual rack session over-subscription and virtual rack burst-priority.

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