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Title: Enterasys Networks XSR-1805 Security Router versus Cisco Systems, Inc. 1751 Modular Access Router Competitive Performance Evaluation

Publication date:   15 November 2002
Document number:    202154


Enterasys Networks commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its XSR-1805 Security Router, a multi-function routing device, and to compare its performance against that of a Cisco Systems, Inc. 1751 router in a LAN-to-LAN environment designed to stress the system’s processing power to the maximum allowable bandwidth. While security routers are typically deployed in conjunction with a WAN, this series of tests attempts to gauge the processing power of the devices; therefore, tests were conducted in a LAN-to-LAN, two-port router configuration using 10 Mbit/s interfaces and 100 Mbit/s interfaces. The Tolly Group conducted zero-loss (<0.001%) bi-directional (full-duplex) Layer 3 throughput tests and zero-loss, Layer 3 throughput tests when QoS and Access Control Lists (ACLs), respectively, were enabled.

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