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Title: Extreme Networks, Inc. BlackDiamond 6808/Summit48si Converged Network Benchmark versus Cisco Systems Catalyst Switches

Publication date:   01 December 2002
Document number:    202158


Tests reveal that a converged IP network microcosm utilizing BlackDiamond 6808 and Summit48si switches provide excellent voice quality during increasing bandwidth congestion conditions compared to Cisco Catalyst switches which could only successfully deliver prioritized voice and mission-critical data if the core switch was not heavily congested.

The Extreme Networks solution delivered consistent voice quality, latency and jitter even as congestion levels rose to 100% network utilization of core switch ports and inter-switch links, while the voice quality of the Cisco Catalyst switches tested began to suffer after just 40% of port utilization. Furthermore, the Extreme Network switches delivered business-quality audio even during periods of congestion in the network backbone while call quality on Cisco switches degraded.

For the converged IP microcosms, an Extreme BlackDiamond 6808 ver 6.2.2 served as the core backbone switch and two Summit48si ver 6.2.2 switches served as access devices. On the Cisco side, a Cisco Catalyst 6509 version 12.1(13) served as the core switch and two Catalyst 3550-48 EMI version 12.1(11) served as access devices. For the tests, engineers examined two Catalyst 6509 configurations, one with WSX6516 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) line cards with a single switch fabric connection, and the other with WSX6816 GbE line cards with dual switch fabric connections. Extreme Networks commissioned the tests.

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