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Title: Siemens optiPoint 400 standard IP Telephone Competitive Performance Evaluation Versus Cisco Systems 7960G and Pingtel xpressa

Publication date:   01 December 2002
Document number:    202165


Siemens Enterprise Networks commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its optiPoint 400 standard, an IP-based telephone system that uses an Ethernet interface with a built-in, two-port Ethernet switch to deliver a wide range of functionality to the desktop over IP. Siemens asked The Tolly Group to evaluate the call quality and fetures of the optiPoint 400 standard versus IP telephones from Avaya Networks, Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Pingtel and Polycom, but since IP phones from Avaya, Nortel and Polycom required the use of proprietary IP PBX or IP gateway equipment that was unavailable to The Tolly Group for testing, only the Cisco and Pingtel products were evaluated head-to-head against the optiPoint 400 standard.

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