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Title: Shoreline: The Impact of VoIP Architecture on Management, Functionality and TCO

Publication date:   01 November 2002
Document number:    202500


Shoreline Communications commissioned The Tolly Group to design and implement a simulation of an enterprise VoIP-enabled network capable of separately supporting Cisco System’s AVVID and Shoreline Communications Shoreline3 architectures and products.

The resulting white paper, “Cisco Vs. Shoreline: The Impact of VoIP Architecture on Management, Functionality and TCO,” contains 25 pages of analysis on the key differentiators of the two VoIP architectures.

The Tolly Group’s goal was to provide intellectual and pragmatic analysis on the relative complexity and simplicity of the VoIP architectures and the implications Shoreline3 and AVVID hold for purchasing, implementing, managing and maintaining VoIP networks.

The Tolly Group architecture examination involved a thorough evaluation of VoIP deployments at three tiers of the enterprise network: headquarters, regional offices and branch offices. The white paper offers readers an understanding of the different architectural approaches between Shoreline3 and AVVID, walks readers through a description of the deployment exercise (complete with screen shots that underscore key differences in configuration approaches), and discusses the short-term and long-term benefits of the Shoreline3 architecture over AVVID.

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