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Title: Extreme Networks: Enterprise -class Convergence and QoS: Taking it to the Extreme

Publication date:   03 July 2002
Document number:    202502


This report examines the Quality of Service, reliability and voice quality delivered by Extreme and Cisco in their efforts to support AVVID traffic. It proves that Cisco AVVID voice over IP traffic can transit IP networks based upon Extreme Networks gear while maintaining voice quality comparable to Cisco-based IP networks Extreme Networks commissioned The Tolly Group to write this objective white paper.

The white paper discusses key issues pertaining to the convergence of voice and data on an IP network.Tolly Group engineers constructed a real-world testbed capable of stress-testing the QoS effectiveness of each vendor’s network infrastructure. Readers learn about the test methodologies engineers employed and the three different classes of tests Tolly Group engineers subjected the network to in order to measure the effectiveness of the Extreme and Cisco QoS when supporting converged applications and maintaining voice quality even under bandwidth duress.

The white paper provides detail explanations of how the test network was modeled at each network layer, including the access layer, the aggregation points, the network core and the data center. Readers may review MOS and PESQ voice quality scores for three test scenarios: a baseline, a failed core switch scenario with 70% of network traffic and a failed core switch scenario with 100% of network traffic plus bandwidth oversubscription.

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