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Title: Dell PowerConnect 5212 Tolly Verified LAN Switch Evaluation

Publication date:   01 May 2003
Document number:    203107


Dell Computer Corp. commissioned The Tolly Group to verify certain key attributes of its PowerConnect 5212, a 12-port, Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switch. The Tolly Group engineers subjected the PowerConnect 5212 to a battery of tests designed to verify the PowerConnect 5212’s key features.

Test results show that the Dell PowerConnect 5212 performs at wire-speed at all frame sizes tested and exhibits a variety of key features essential to LAN switches including auto-negotiation, link aggregation (802.3ad), VLAN support (802.1Q), rapid reconfiguration for Spanning Tree support (802.1w), port mirroring and support for Jumbo (9,000-byte) Frames. Furthermore, system management tests included dual firmware and dual configuration image tests and embedded Web management tests. System security and user management tests included management access authentication via RADIUS.

For a full understanding of the tests verifying the PowerConnect 5212’s performance and features, please refer to the Dell Computer Corp. PowerConnect 5212 under the Tolly Verified Certification Catalog.

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