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Title: SECUi.COM Corp. secuiWALL versus NetScreen Technologies, Inc. NetScreen-500 and NetScreen-1000 Gigabit Ethernet Firewalls Competitive Performance Evaluation

Publication date:   06 July 2003
Document number:    203112


Recent tests of three Gigabit Ethernet firewalls reveal a product from SECUi.COM Corp. outperforms a pair of NetScreen Technologies GbE firewalls in zero-loss throughput tests under variable session loads, packet sizes and operating modes. The secuiWALL GbE firewall delivered 15% more bi-directional zero-loss throughput than a NetScreen-1000 when handling 1,518-byte packets with 5,000 UDP sessions and 2,000 active rules. A NetScreen-500 tested was only able to achieve 40% of wire-speed throughput for all conditions tested..

SECUi.COM commissioned the Telecommunication Technology Association (TTA), a Korean-based testing partner of The Tolly Group working in conjunction with The Tolly Group, to evaluate the three GbE firewalls. All products were tested according to the principles, methodologies and fair testing charter employed by The Tolly Group. While testing was conducted in Korea, The Tolly Group reviewed all testing methodologies and results.

TTA exercised all three GbE firewalls in a variety of situations including bi-directional zero-loss Layer 2 throughput tests and bi-directional Layer 3 throughput tests with NAT enabled and then disabled. Test conditions included a variety of packet sizes ranging from 64 bytes to 1,518 bytes with 10 or 5,000 simultaneous UDP sessions with either a single active allow-all rule, or 2,000 active firewall rules.

Test results show that the secuiWALL GbE firewall achieved wire-speed GbE throughput when handling up to 5,000 UDP sessions and 2,000 active rules. The NetScreen-1000 achieved wire speed when handling 1,028-byte packets and handling 10 UDP sessions while the NetScreen-50 only reached 40% of wire speed under all test conditions.

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