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Title: Dell Computer Corp. PowerConnect 3348 Tolly Verified LAN Switch Evaluation

Publication date:   01 July 2003
Document number:    203115


Dell Computer Corp. commissioned The Tolly Group to verify certain key attributes of its PowerConnect 3348, a 48-port, Layer 2 Fast Ethernet switch. The Tolly Group engineers subjected the PowerConnect 3348 to a battery of tests designed to verify the PowerConnect 3348's key features.

Test results show that the Dell PowerConnect 3348 performs at wire-speed at all frame sizes tested and exhibits a variety of key features essential to LAN switches including auto-negotiation, link aggregation (802.3ad), VLAN support (802.1Q), rapid reconfiguration for Spanning Tree support (802.1w) and port mirroring. Furthermore, system management tests included dual firmware and dual configuration image tests and embedded Web management tests. System security and user management tests included management access authentication via RADIUS.

For a full understanding of the tests verifying the PowerConnect 3348’s performance and features, please refer to the Dell Computer Corp. PowerConnect 3348 under the Tolly Verified Certification Catalog.

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