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Title: Mailblocks Inc. Competitive Evaluation of Anti-Spam Solutions: Challenge Response vs. Filtering

Publication date:   16 October 2003
Document number:    203121


Mailblocks commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the effectiveness of its Mailblocks Challenge/Response 2.0 anti-spam service against five anti-spam solutions that utilize advanced filtering techniques: Brightmail, Inc.’s Brightmail, Microsoft Corp.’s Hotmail, Network Associates, Inc.’s McAfee SpamKiller, Postini, Inc.’s Postini and Symantec Corp.’s SpamAlert. Unlike the filtering-based anti-spam offerings, Mailblocks Challenge/Response 2.0 utilizes a Challenge/Response architecture.

The Tolly Group set out to measure the effectiveness of the various anti-spam solutions to block a variety of spam types from overrunning user inboxes. Moreover, tests sought to identify the effectiveness of the various solutions tested at allowing legitimate mail messages to be delivered to recipients without any false positives that would block the delivery of legitimate mail.

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