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Title: Meru Wireless LAN Performance: Call Quality, Scalability and QoS

Publication date:   03 December 2003
Document number:    203128


Meru Networks, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its Meru Wireless LAN System, which consists of the Meru Access Point and the Meru Controller. The Meru AP supports 802.11 standards. The Meru Controller is a wireless LAN appliance that coordinates APs and enforces all wireless LAN policies including security, plug-and-play deployment, RF management, mobility, contention management, and Quality of Service.

Tolly Group engineers measured the toll quality of calls traversing the Meru AP, as well as determined how call quality is maintained as the number of calls handled by the AP scales. The Tolly Group also measured toll quality during user session hand off between APs. And engineers also measured the aggregate application throughput for up to 30 wireless LAN users per AP. Lastly, engineers examined the deployment time for Meru AP and other Meru wireless LAN components. Testing occurred during November 2003.

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