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Title: Intel IXP425/IXP420 Network Processors, Performance Analysis of 802.11 Broadband Routers and Access Points

Publication date:   23 December 2003
Document number:    203141


Intel Corp. commissioned The Tolly Group to benchmark the performance of several commercially available 802.11 wireless gateways (wireless broadband routers and access points) that utilize the Intel IXP425 and the Intel IXP420 network processors, and compare the performance of those devices against other generally available products based upon rival chipsets.

Test results show that the wireless gateways based upon the Intel IXP425 and IXP420, respectively, either outperform competitive products in most scenarios, or provide performance on par with other devices.

Broadband access router tests included commercially available gear from Linksys (Intel IXP425 & Broadcom technology), D-Link (ARM9), and Netgear (Broadcom 4702).

Access points from 3Com, Cisco(IBM PowerPC), D-Link (Intel IXP420) and Linksys (Broadcom) were also evaluated.

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