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Title: The Power of Policy: Streamlining VPN Security through Software: A “hands-on” implementation of SmartPipes IP PolicyPro SecureSite Software

Publication date:   29 April 2003
Document number:    203503


The prevalence of IP VPNs to provide connectivity in enterprise networks raises serious issues for network administrators to confront in their deployment and life-cycle maintenance. In the past, network managers were forced to grapple with complex configuration issues manually on an individual-device basis. The time spent to set up even a single VPN tunnel manually is notorious in the industry. Magnify that across a network for a large-scale deployment and you get a hefty chunk of man-hours, which translates into cost.

SmartPipes, Inc. developed its IP PolicyPro platform and SecureSite software to provide network administrators with an easy-to-use, scalable and secure method for simultaneously provisioning hundreds, and even thousands, of VPNs in today’s global network.

In order to provide intellectual and pragmatic analysis to back up its product claims, SmartPipes commissioned The Tolly Group to build a microcosm of a complex VPN deployment with which to illustrate the key benefits of the SmartPipes SecureSite platform.

The Tolly Group’s evaluation of SmartPipes SecureSite was based on factors that included the set-up, implementation and life-cycle management of SmartPipes SecureSite compared to manual configuration of those aspects using an array of vendor devices that included multiple NetScreen and Cisco devices.

Since it was impractical to deploy a test network consisting of thousands of devices in a full-scale deployment, for this project The Tolly Group conducted a mini-deployment of various key features in its own lab to extrapolate the operational and management characteristics of provisioning these VPN solutions. This provided empirical material that could be used to develop a clearer understanding of the costs and resources involved in deploying SmartPipes SecureSite solution compared to manually configuring a host of devices.

This study shows SmartPipes SecureSite to be a secure, scalable, easy-to-use provisioning platform. By reducing the complexity of configuration and providing a powerful single-point-of-control for large-scale multi-platform VPNs, SmartPipes SecureSite significantly reduces VPN Total Cost of Ownership while simultaneously improving “turn up” speed for provisioning new networks or modifying existing connections.

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