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Title: Gaining an Intelligent Edge for VoIP with HP ProCurve Networking

Publication date:   15 May 2003
Document number:    203505


Organizations intent on transitioning their physically separate voice and data networks onto a single, shared transport infrastructure are seeking an economical means to unite multiple platforms without compromising the quality of either voice or data traffic.

Hewlett-Packard Co. stands behind the belief that a combination of careful upfront bandwidth provisioning, plus QoS as an insurance policy for periods of link oversubscription, is the effective way to ensure VoIP call quality.

HP commissioned The Tolly Group to conduct a comprehensive, “hands-on” evaluation of the vendor’s ProCurve networking solution as implemented by the ProCurve Adaptive EDGE Architecture.

Testing was conducted in order to better understand the HP ProCurve Adaptive EDGE Architecture and the range of functionality it delivers to users and to demonstrate that HP’s ProCurve switches can deliver toll-quality voice on an end-to-end basis – regardless of two variables: the level of congestion and the brand of IP PBX products that attach to the VoIP switching infrastructure.

The Tolly Group constructed a microcosm of an enterprise IT converged network using HP ProCurve products, and then measured and compared the call quality of VoIP traffic from three IP telephony solutions (i.e., Cisco’s AVVID traffic generated by the vendor’s Call Manager, Mitel Corp.’s 3300-Integrated Communications Platform and 3Com Corp.’s NBX-100) to learn what impact, if any, the underlying ProCurve network has on voice traffic.

Results of call quality testing demonstrate that HP’s ProCurve line delivers a level of toll quality excellence that is either on par with, or better than, other major switch makers. Moreover, tests of congestion with QoS show that ProCurve has the type of facilities necessary to ensure that VoIP traffic receives preferential treatment.

In test after test, with three different brand VoIP solutions, ProCurve delivered consistent call quality and, equally important, low delay that otherwise could imperil the quality of voice traffic. Certainly, ProCurve has delivered a level of call quality equal to or better than other IP switching fabrics tested by The Tolly Group.

The fact that ProCurve provides an effective industry-standard solution at an affordable price means that users can build their networks affordably over time with a choice of solutions and can adapt to future applications. In effect, clients get more out of technology to reduce the initial cost of ownership and provide a better return on IT infrastructure.

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