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Title: Symbol Technologies Wireless Switch System 5000 802.11b Performance Evaluation versus Cisco Systems Aironet 1220 Access Point

Publication date:   16 February 2004
Document number:    204100


Symbol Technologies commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its Wireless Switch System, which is comprised of the WS 5000 Wireless Switch and one or more AP100 Access Ports. The WS 5000 is a switch that centralizes unified access, security, policy management and Quality of Service for the wireless network, while the Access Port consists of the wireless LAN radio and antenna. This design represents a ‘skinny’ approach to wireless in which the intelligence usually reserved for access points is relocated to a centralized switch and the Access Port handles radio functions only.

Tolly Group engineers tested the WS 5000 and Access Port against a Cisco Systems Aironet 1220 Access Point, which represents a ‘fat’ AP design in which intelligence is located in the access point.

Engineers measured the raw throughput and latency of devices under test using Chariot software. A multi-BSS performance test proved the performance advantages of assigning multiple BSSIDs against a single BSSID while implementing virtual WLANs. Another test measured the throughput with virtual WLANs enabled and in the presence of background broadcast traffic. Engineers also validated the security options available in both the systems and The Tolly Group validated the Symbol Wireless LAN System’s QoS facilities by prioritizing traffic by application or by WLAN.

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