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Title: White Paper: “Wireless TCO: The Value of an Overlay Network”

Publication date:   21 June 2004
Document number:    204101


This comprehensive white paper, commissioned by Symbol Technologies, focuses on the performance of Symbol’s WS 5000 Wireless Switch architecture and its “thin” approach to access point technology. Tolly Group engineers measured the performance of the WS 5000 against a traditional “fat” AP approach from Cisco Systems, Inc.

Tolly Group engineers found that the Symbol thin Access Port (Symbol’s variant of an access point) and Symbol’s WS 5000 Wireless Switch, together deliver superior throughput for users that roam across an enterprise network – meaning Symbol’s wireless solution afford users greater mobility than the “fat” AP Cisco approach tested. The white paper also examines battery life issues and how Symbol’s AP technology contributes to greater productivity gains by extending battery life.

This report also chronicles Symbol’s leadership in wireless standards development and its dedication to evolving wireless services. Further, a brief Cost-of-Ownership discussion examines the areas in which Symbol’s wireless solution can contribute to a lower total cost-of-ownership.

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