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Title: HP ProCurve Networking Infrastructure Interoperability Evaluation

Publication date:   11 February 2004
Document number:    204105


Hewlett-Packard Co. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its HP ProCurve Networking switching line and its capability to provide a suitable infrastructure for transporting VoIP from a variety of IP PBX vendors. Tolly Group engineers evaluated the ‘interoperability’ of popular IP PBX and VoIP solutions to generate VoIP traffic that can be carried by an HP ProCurve Networking IP-based switch fabric.

Tolly Group engineers measured the baseline toll quality of voice traffic generated by tested VoIP solutions that subsequently traveled over the HP ProCurve Networking infrastructure. Engineers compared the toll-quality scores to the call quality delivered when congestion was present and QoS facilities enabled. The Tolly Group then reported the variance, if any, between the baseline and the QoS scores.

The Tolly Group tested the ‘interoperability’ of six VoIP solutions with the HP ProCurve Networking infrastructure: a 3Com NBX-100, an Avaya IP403 Office, a trio of Cisco Systems Catalyst switches and systems running Call Manager 3.1, a Mitel 3300-ICP (Integrated Communications Platform), NEC NeaxIPS and a Nortel Networks BCM200. Testing was performed in October 2003.

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