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Title: Inkra Networks 4000 Virtual Service Switch Multi-Gigabit, Multi-Services Switch Functionality Evaluation

Publication date:   11 February 2004
Document number:    204107


Inkra Networks commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its Inkra 4000 Virtual Service Switch (VSS), a 14-slot chassis-based device that supports multiple virtual services, including firewall, VPN, intrusion detection, load balancing and SSL processing. Inkra Networks asked The Tolly Group to validate the single-rule firewall throughput of the Inkra 4000 VSS, as well as validate an array of other supported services.

Engineers configured the Inkra 4000 VSS chassis as a single firewall with one rule, using a 1,518-byte packet and 28 Gigabit Ethernet port pairs. Engineers established 14,336 sessions and flowed bidirectional Layer 3 data across the Inkra 4000 VSS and measured the zero-loss firewall throughput. Engineers also measured device latency and VPN throughput. Testing was performed in September 2003.

The Tolly Group also benchmarked a number of Inkra 4000 VSS device functions including server load balancing, SSL connection rate, and intrusion detection/intrusion prevention processing.

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