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Title: Nortel Networks Layer 2 Interoperability Evaluation for BayStack and Cisco Catalyst Switches

Publication date:   19 February 2004
Document number:    204112


Nortel Networks commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the Layer 2 interoperability of the Nortel BayStack 425, 470, 460 and 5510 switches in a network alongside Cisco Catalyst 4500 and Catalyst 6500 switches to reveal the depth of interoperability each switch provides.

Tolly Group engineers validated interoperability of key features used extensively in converged network, such as QoS (802.1p), VLANs (802.1Q) and IP multicast.

Tests revealed that the quartet of BayStack edge switches tested interoperate flawlessly with core Catalyst 4500/Catalyst 6500 devices in an enterprise network, ensuring network convergence, service convergence and application convergence.

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