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Title: White Paper: “Dispelling VoIP Myths” with HP ProCurve Networking

Publication date:   15 February 2004
Document number:    204114


This comprehensive white paper, commissioned by Hewlett-Packard Co., focuses on the call quality of major VoIP solutions as they generate and transport data across an HP ProCurve IP-based switching infrastructure.

Extensive call-quality tests conducted by The Tolly Group in September 2003 show that HP’s ProCurve switching infrastructure is a fertile network transport for voice over IP (VoIP) traffic generated by a diverse set of IP PBX vendors. Test results offer conclusive evidence that the HP ProCurve switching fabric supports call quality of Cisco AVVID traffic that is on par or better than the call quality offered by AVVID traffic flowing over a Cisco network.

Finally, tests also show that some IP PBX products, such as those from Mitel Corp. offer significantly higher call quality when compared against other PBXs tested as VoIP traffic traverses the HP ProCurve network. This suggests that the Mitel VoIP PBX provides a “best-of-breed’ option for handling VoIP across an HP ProCurve network.

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