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Title: Fusiv-Vx200 Competitive Routing, Firewall and VPN Performance Analysis

Publication date:   19 March 2004
Document number:    204117


Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) commissioned The Tolly Group to benchmark the performance of the ADI Fusiv-Vx200 network processor, implemented in a reference platform, and compare that performance with commercially available products based upon rival chipsets. The ADI Fusiv-Vx200 was tested against a Linksys WRV54G broadband access router with an embedded Intel Corp. IXP425 network processor, a NetScreen Technologies, Inc. NetScreen-204, and a Texas Instrument’s TNETV2020 as implemented by Nippon Telegraph & Telephone East Corp.’s WebCaster V100.

Tolly Group engineers used the industry-accepted Spirent SmartFlow test suite to gauge the Fast Ethernet firewall and VPN throughput of the devices. Testing was performed in February 2004.

Test results show that the ADI Fusiv-Vx200 exceeds or matches the throughput of the other devices tested in both firewall and “mixed” VPN (i.e., ADI communicating to the other vendor’s device) throughput tests. Tests also illustrated that the ADI Fusiv-Vx200 can continue processing traffic when the main CPU is taken offline.

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