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Title: Chantry Networks, Inc., BeaconMaster 1000 Controller and BeaconPoint200 Evaluation of Wireless VoIP Roaming/Performance and Functionality

Publication date:   02 August 2004
Document number:    204118


Chantry Networks, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its BeaconMaster 1000 WLAN controller and its BeaconPoint 200 access points to measure a variety of system performance capabilities and to assess the WLAN’s readiness to support enterprise network wireless requirements.

Tolly Group engineers benchmarked the WLAN’s capability to support multi-subnet roaming by measuring the latency incurred during the handoff of client traffic between APs connected to the same or different BeaconMaster controller. Engineers also measured the baseline packet performance of the BeaconMaster 1000 controller, and spot-checked the client capacity supported by the device. Lastly, engineers evaluated the call quality delivered by the BeaconMaster 1000 and BeaconPoint 200 elements in an enterprise-class WLAN using the R-Factor voice-quality benchmark.

Tests show that Chantry Networks BeaconMaster and BeaconPoint WLAN components are well suited to support the needs of enterprise networks, especially when handling VoIP and other latency-sensitive applications as users roam from AP to AP. Moreover, the BeaconMaster can support up to 15 toll-quality G.711 calls.

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