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Title: Tolly Group White Paper — Enterprise Wireless LANs: The Importance of Roaming Performance and Other Factors in Delivering Corporate-class VoIP Services

Publication date:   27 August 2004
Document number:    204127


Given the VoWLAN is becoming mainstream, companies need to ensure that any wireless infrastructure they deploy not only can provide adequate RF coverage, but also provides seamless mobility so user application sessions and voice calls can roam from cell to cell without hiccups, or worse, call termination.

Chantry Networks, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to explore the impact that seamless mobility, low latency, low jitter and other variables have on supporting voice over wireless LANs.

Tolly Group engineers examined the delay introduced by Chantry’s BeaconMaster wireless controllers and BeaconPoint access points. In addition it offers evidence concerning the voice quality of VoWLAN calls traversing the Chantry Networks infrastructure. Further, it discusses the chief issues users must consider when supporting a voice over WLAN infrastructure.

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