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Title: Propagate Networks AutoCell Evaluation of Impact on 802.11 Throughput

Publication date:   08 October 2004
Document number:    204139


Propagate Networks, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its AutoCell software for wireless access points (APs) and clients (laptops, PDAs, and phones). AutoCell resides in the firmware of APs and Wi-Fi client adapters where it automatically controls the complete radio frequency (RF) environment without the need for management intervention.

Tolly Group engineers conducted a battery of throughput tests on a wireless LAN (WLAN) utilizing the embedded AutoCell software. Engineers measured and recorded the TCP and UDP file transfer throughput, streaming throughput and Web throughput of WLAN devices employing AutoCell. Tests were conducted during August 2004.

Test results show that AutoCell usage results in more than four times the aggregate throughput achieved across the network, and in TCP file transfer tests, almost five times the throughput of devices not using AutoCell.

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