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Title: Maranti, Inc. CoreSTOR 2000 Network Storage Controller SAN Performance

Publication date:   19 October 2004
Document number:    204143


Maranti, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its CoreSTOR 2000™ Network Storage Controller, a modular, high-performance network storage controller that delivers 8 to 16 ports across a 3U chassis. CoreSTOR 2000 delivers wire-speed storage virtualization and native CoreSTOR storage services to heterogeneous storage arrays and servers across all ports on the chassis. By supporting Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel ports across the chassis, CoreSTOR 2000 provides connectivity between existing Fibre Channel and emerging iSCSI environments.

Tolly Group engineers measured the performance of the CoreSTOR 2000 in a simulated Exchange and SQL server environment and in three main areas: the I/O processing rate (I/O per second or IOPS), remote mirroring performance and high availability of the storage network controller when subjected to a number of scenarios.

Tests show that the Maranti CoreSTOR 2000 delivers consistent I/O processing performance; in fact, IOPS performance actually increases as the number of servers was ramped up from one, to four and then eight. Moreover, the CoreSTOR 2000 increased performance in most cases, as the number of local and remote mirrored storage subsystems increased. Interestingly, as loading increased on the CoreSTOR 2000, response times climbed as the number of servers increased, due to more I/O requests to the controller of the storage arrays. Response times decreased, however, as the number of storage subsystems increased because the requests were spread out to all available storage arrays via Maranti proprietary load-balancing scheme. Tests were conducted during August 2004.

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