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Title: Force10 Networks, Inc. TeraScale E-Series E1200 Resilient Switch/Router, Evaluation of Non-Stop Networks, Advanced QoS and Scalability

Publication date:   18 October 2004
Document number:    204148


Force10 Networks, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its TeraScale E-Series E1200 Resilient Switch/Router, a chassis-based system with 14 line-card slots, plus built-in redundancy and resiliency features.

Engineers measured the failover resiliency of the E1200’s Switch Fabric Modules (SFM) and Route Processor Modules (RPM). The Tolly Group also examined the E1200’s response to a multiheaded Denial of Service (DoS) attack, and its capability to rebound from link outages. Engineers also examined the E1200’s Quality of Service (QoS) facility to understand how latency-sensitive voice and data traffic are treated during link oversubscription scenarios, and engineers examined the E1200’s scalability for BGP and OSPF networks. Tests were conducted in August 2004.

Tests demonstrate that the E-Series E1200 is capable of offering zero-loss line-rate throughput even during a SFM or RPM failover. Tests also demonstrate the device’s resiliency to DoS attacks, to various failover scenarios and to delivering a QoS facility designed to serve large-scale enterprise and service provider networks. See also document 204147 which focuses on performance testing. Read the Test Summary

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