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Title: Nokia Enterprise Solutions Nokia IP2250 Competitive Performance Evaluation versus Juniper Networks NetScreen-5400

Publication date:   04 December 2004
Document number:    204150


Nokia Enterprise Solutions commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its Nokia IP2250 Security Platform, a diskless network processor-based platform that runs the Check Point VPN-1 NG with Application Intelligence firewall. The Nokia IP2250 was tested against a Juniper Networks NetScreen-5400.

Both devices were tested in a number of areas, including firewall throughput using various packet sizes ranging from the taxing 64-byte packets to 1,518-byte packets; VPN throughput, as well as per-second connection and session rates.

Test results show that the Nokia IP2250 outperformed the NetScreen-5400 in every test, offering up to twice the firewall throughput, more than three times the mixed traffic throughput and nearly five times the session rate of the NetScreen-5400. Tests were conducted from August to October 2004.

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