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Title: Convergence White Paper Sponsored by Broadcom Corp. – Rethinking the Building Blocks of Your Network

Publication date:   07 October 2004
Document number:    204151


IP broadband is laying the foundation for voice, data, and video feeds to coexist, peacefully, in a unified architecture. But getting there is no cakewalk. To ensure convergence success, it takes shrewd planning and a keen understanding of the principles at work.

In this white paper sponsored by Broadcom Corp., The Tolly Group examines IT’s new “food chain,” paying close attention to the relationships between systems suppliers and the makers of network processors and other integrated silicon solutions. The white paper lays out the new ABCs of convergence – architecture, building blocks and chipsets/subsystems.

Readers will learn how these three factors are intertwined in the success of converged networks. And the white paper offers solid insight on how to position converged networks for the best success. The paper contains practical advice on how to size up the relationships systems makers have with chipset suppliers and software partners. Moreover, how the technologies systems makers embed from those supplier companies affects the overall convergence capabilities of the company’s product. Read the White Paper

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