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Title: Huawei Technologies Quidway Access Routers Tolly Verified Functionality and Cisco Interoperability Demonstration

Publication date:   01 December 2004
Document number:    204154


Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate six members of the Quidway access router line, which is designed to serve the needs of enterprise network users. Tolly Group engineers examined the degree of interoperability they offer with Cisco Systems, Inc. 1751 and 2621 access routers.

Engineers tested the Huawei Quidway AR46-40, an enterprise core WAN access router with two fixed 10/100Base-T ports and four Flexible Interface Card (FIC) slots. Engineers also tested the Quidway AR28-80, a WAN access router with eight Multifunction Interface Module slots. The third of the devices tested was the Quidway AR28-31, a WAN access router with two fixed 10/100Base-T ports and three Multifunction Interface Module (MIM) slots. Engineers also tested the Quidway AR28-09, a modular branch access router with one fixed Fast Ethernet port, one fixed serial port, two Smart Interface Card (SIC) slots and one Multifunction Interface Module (MIM) slot. Another branch access router, the Quidway AR18-12, was tested with one fixed 10/100Base-T and two fixed serial ports.

Test results show that the Huawei access routers were awarded Tolly Verified certifications for all of the feature/function tests in which they participated. Tolly Verified tests also identified a high degree of interoperability with Cisco-class access routers likely to be installed within user networks. Tests were conducted during July and August 2004 at The Tolly Group’s Boca Raton, FL. facilities.

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